The VFW recognizes that both funding and support for our student veterans and dependents at institutions of higher learning, can often be difficult to find. The VFW's Student Veteran Support Grant offers much needed assistance to support specific student veteran events. The grant, administered by the VFW Washington Office, focuses on supporting the overall student veteran population within the community, which consists of many student veterans at campuses across the country that are not affiliated with an SVA chapter. The grants will be disbursed to a VFW Post or Department that has submitted an application, to support the student veterans at the university or college.   

Grant Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be VFW members associated with an appropriate entity of the VFW (VFW Post, District, Department, or National).
  • Appropriate VFW Post, District, Department, or National leadership serve as the convening authority on the grant request and is responsible for receiving funds.
  • Funds must be utilized for events and outreach designed to assist and support veterans currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning.
  • Grants may be awarded up to $500 to support each event, and grants can be awarded to a VFW entity twice each fiscal year, totaling up to $1,000.


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